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PROACTUS - Registry & Case Tracking System

PROACTUS(Paperless Registry Operations and Case Tracking Unified System) is a web-based paperless registry operations, correspondence, file and case tracking system that was developed to facilitate the management of communications and case data in a centralised depository for processing, reporting and planning purposes both within an organisation or agency and across multiple agencies.

In addition to the many features necessary for an efficient information communication management solution such as workflow technology, automatic routing and reminders, file tracking, case progress tracking, and reports, the new solution has incorporated a completely new user “dashboard” interface, support for inter-agency mail routing, a new search engine, and mobile-web features. Users are now able to manage and track ‘mails’ (any information attached and sent through the system e.g. emails, letters, videos) and ‘cases’ (groupings of related correspondences e.g. for a particular project or event) more efficiently than ever before.


  • Speeds up the process of Correspondence Recording and Tracking, which includes mails, documents and files.
  • Provides a better means for data dissemination where each Agency or Registry will be able to create and manage their own cases.
  • Allows comprehensive tracking, reporting and monitoring of cases within an agency.
  • Expedites the process of action and mail routing between agencies.
  • Expedites the process of action and document routing between officers.
  • Provides fast searching of files and mail.
  • Access to your mail and files via PCs or mobile devices.
  • Access to your mail and files anywhere, anytime.
  • Centralized dashboard that shows all pending tasks.
  • Computerized file registry and mail tracking administration.