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Video Conferencing Services

The development of Information & Communication Technology in this internet era has made it possible for two or more locations that are geographically apart to be linked togetherwith real time audio and vision transmission. Video conferencing, also known as a 'video link' or 'video meeting' allows meeting and discussion to take place without various parties being physically together. Video Conferencing Service definately increases efficiency and reduces operational cost of an organization because of timely decision made instead of having to travel from one place to another.  During the VC session, besides discussion, one can display their electronic documents; play pre-recorded video or present information directly from a personal computer.

SiliconNet Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is an experienced and established video conferencing service provider in Malaysia. Our dedicated team of people has vast experiencesin the VC implementation.  One of the implementation is for the Sarawak and Sabah High Courts. Our VC service is suitable for many organizations like legal firms and any companies that have their establishement nationwide.